• Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products including
- Unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) pressure pipe systems to SANS 966-1
- Structured wall pipes and fittings of unplasticized (vinyl chloride) (PVC-U) for buried drainage and sewerage systems to SANS 1601

• Manufacture of cement, concrete and concrete products including
- Burnt clay masonry to SANS 227
- Concrete poles for telephone, power and lighting purposes to SANS 470
- Concrete retaining blocks to SANS 508
- Concrete roof tiles to SANS 542
- Reinforced concrete pressure pipes to SANS 676
- Precast concrete kerbs, edgings and channels to SANS 927

Construction & Engineering

• Civil engineering construction works including
- Earthworks (general) to SANS 2001- BE1
- Concrete works (structural) to SANS 2001-CC1
- Concrete works (minor works) to SANS 2001-CC2
- Masonry walling to SANS 2001 2001-CM1
- Strip footings, pad footings and slab-on-the ground foundations for masonry walling to SANS 2001-CM2
- Structural steelwork to SANS 2001-CS1

• Mechanical engineering fabrication and construction works including
- Construction of power boilers to ASME I
- Construction of nuclear facility components to ASME III
- Construction of pressure vessels to ASME VIII
- Structural welding to AWS D
- Welding for chemical, oil and gas industries to API 582
- Welding of metallic materials to EN 1011


• Surface mining for minerals including
- Coal
- Limestone and other construction rocks

• Underground mining for minerals including
- Platinum
- Gold
- Diamonds
- Concrete retaining blocks to SANS

• Underwater mining for material including
- Off-shore gas
- Off-shore oil


• Government departments and entities including
- Municipalities
- State owned companies

• Transportation sector including Transportation of dangerous goods to National Road Traffic Act and SANS 10187

• Professional services including
Consulting engineers
Occupational health services